Class Role Call or Why I Play a Healer

25 07 2014

I’ve been playing Online RPG’s a good portion of my life. I started with Ragnarok Online and eventually moved around to many different games over the years. For a long time, my preferred class choice has always been the healer and support classes (I will be using these terms¬†interchangeably)¬†and many times when discussing these games with people I get asked why I like to play such a “boring” class.

45f2d60e26b097e9006dcf46276c0a54To me, a support class is far from boring. While DPS (Damage Per Second) classes are much stronger in solo play, support classes have always shined in any sort of party play, such as dungeons or raids. In fact, the combination of a Tank class and a Support class is normally the lynchpin of an entire raiding party. Both of these classes are so vitally important that if one of them dies or fails to play their role effectively, the entire party falls apart. This is the reason that healers and tanks will always take the most flak during dungeon runs, a crappy DPS is rarely noticable until higher level play while a crappy tank or healer has an immediate effect on gameplay.

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MMOverdrive: Final Fantasy XIV

11 07 2014


I was hesitant about starting Final Fantasy XIV to say the least. It was a P2P MMO that also charged an upfront fee to purchase the game and didn’t even allow you to play a demo beforehand. This is basically every red flag you can have for an MMO. I probably would have kept procrastinating had a friend not made the initial purchase for me. I’ve been playing the game for about 3 months now and I felt like this was a good enough time to start sharing my opinions on the game.

ff1401Graphics: 10/10
Let’s not mince words here, this game is beautiful. Right from the opening cutscenes, this game looks and feels like a AAA title. The character customization is detailed but not overly complicated. Many of the story NPC’s are unique and memorable. And the world itself is vast and vibrant. Pretty much everything I want in an MMO. I don’t think I have played an MMO that tops FFXIV in the graphics department and that’s one of its biggest advantages.

Gameplay: 7/10
I have mixed feelings about FFXIV’s gameplay. The controls are easy enough to grasp, with WASD moving your character and the mouse buttons serving as the confirm/cancel/select buttons. Standard MMO fare. Read the rest of this entry »

First Impressions: Eden Eternal

13 10 2011

So the other day, I heard about a reliatively new MMO put out by Aeria Games, Eden Eternal. At first glance, it looks like many other MMORPGs, but it does a lot of small things right that add up into a game that’s fun to play for those who like questing based MMOs.

Graphics: 7/10
I like the graphics in Eden Eternal. Unlike many MMOs, they’re bright, vibrant, and make the world interesting to travel through. A lot of MMOs I’ve played have had dull looking menus, sacrificing color for more realistic graphics. I much prefer the colorful style of EE. While the graphics aren’t amazing like an MMO like Perfect World, they’re much more interesting to look at. The HUD map is easy to follow, with distinct icons for major shops and characters. Read the rest of this entry »

MMO Reviews

22 02 2010

Recently I’ve begun a hunt for a truly good, free MMORPG. I’ve tried quite a few in the last little while, and I felt like giving my opinion on some of them.

Name: 2Moons
Publisher: Acclaim
Score: 3/5
A good game, with beautiful graphics. Gameplay starts to get competitive after getting to the third field though. My biggest disappointment with this game is that classes have locked genders. Knight HAS to be male, wizard HAS to be female, ect.

Name: Asda Story
Publisher: GamesCampus
Score: 4/5
One of the best MMOs I’ve played so far. Nice graphics, lots of quests, lots of equipment choices make this game fun. The ability to click a spot on your map and have your character auto-walk there is a godsend. The Soulmate feature is pretty cool, allowing you to gain extra EXP with a friend. Castle of Chess is a fun edition as well, allowing parties to take on a chess themed castle for EXP and rare items.
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