Review: Tomodachi Life

26 07 2014

Tomodachi_Collection_Series_-_Tomodachi_Life_-_LogoSometimes you come upon a game that doesn’t really feel like a game. Nintendo’s Tomodachi Life is one of those games to me. A life simulation game that comes off as a cross between The Sims and Animal Crossing, Tomodachi Life ends up being an entity all its own through sheer strangness.

Gameplay: 6/10
The gameplay in Tomodachi Life feels like a hands-off version of The Sims. You create your Mii characters (or import them from QR codes) and have them move into an apartment building on a small island.

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MMOverdrive: Final Fantasy XIV

11 07 2014


I was hesitant about starting Final Fantasy XIV to say the least. It was a P2P MMO that also charged an upfront fee to purchase the game and didn’t even allow you to play a demo beforehand. This is basically every red flag you can have for an MMO. I probably would have kept procrastinating had a friend not made the initial purchase for me. I’ve been playing the game for about 3 months now and I felt like this was a good enough time to start sharing my opinions on the game.

ff1401Graphics: 10/10
Let’s not mince words here, this game is beautiful. Right from the opening cutscenes, this game looks and feels like a AAA title. The character customization is detailed but not overly complicated. Many of the story NPC’s are unique and memorable. And the world itself is vast and vibrant. Pretty much everything I want in an MMO. I don’t think I have played an MMO that tops FFXIV in the graphics department and that’s one of its biggest advantages.

Gameplay: 7/10
I have mixed feelings about FFXIV’s gameplay. The controls are easy enough to grasp, with WASD moving your character and the mouse buttons serving as the confirm/cancel/select buttons. Standard MMO fare. Read the rest of this entry »

Winter 2014 Anime Season (Part 2)

12 05 2014


…And here’s part 2! This will count down the top half of the anime’s airing this season as rated by me. Again, this is only anime that I have watched more than 2 episodes of.


Witch Craft Works – 6/10
The only thing that stopped me lumping this show in with Magical Warfare is that WCW is actually kind of funny. Other than that, it’s basically Shakogan no Shana.


Saki 2 – 7/10
Saki is kind of a niche show. It’s about a group of girls who play Mahjong (and not the concentration-style stuff that’s popular over here, but the poker-style type played in Japan) in their school’s high school club. If you liked the first series, this is more of the same, but it requires you to have seen season 1 to know what is going on. I enjoy it, but I don’t expect anybody who doesn’t find non-physical sports interesting to like it. Read the rest of this entry »

Winter 2014 Anime Season (Part 1)

7 05 2014


Decided to give my thoughts on this season’s currently airing series that I have followed over the last few months. I’ll be splitting this in half, starting with the worst and moving up to the best. Keep in mind, this is only shows I have watched more than 2 episodes of, and these are meant as short, one or two sentence thoughts.


Super Sonico The Animation – 2/10
I really don’t get the point of this show. They took a company mascot and made a show out of it. It’s mostly fanservice and nothing of substance really happens. Read the rest of this entry »

Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited Review

4 07 2013

Zettai_Karen_Children_The_Unlimited_03_JPG_650x10000_q85(CAUTION: This Review contains minor spoilers. Nothing major, but if you hate any spoilers, you’ll want to skip this one.)

Easily one of my favorite series airing last season, The Unlimited managed to draw my attention from the first episode and keep me interested throughout the whole series. In fact, I went into this series blind, knowing nothing at all about it, and after watching the first couple episodes and learning it was a spin off of Psychic Squad (Zettai Karen Children), I went back and watched the entire 52 episode first series. That isn’t something a series can get me to do easily, but the characters of The Unlimited have this air of mystery about them that just draws you in.

For those of you who, like me, know nothing of this series, Zettai Karen Children takes place in an alternate version of our world, where people with psychic powers exist and have been involved with goverment, military, and even shaped the conflict of past wars. The main characters of the original series, 3 girls known as “The Children” work for the japanese government organization know as BABEL as basically a special OPS team. Throughout the series, they conflict with Hyobu Kyosuke, a psychic who has been alive since World War II, who believes that human will never accept espers and creates a terrorist organization known as PANDRA to rebel against BABEL and the government.

The Unlimited is about that guy. You’re interested now, aren’t you? Read the rest of this entry »

Review: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

24 11 2011

My god, this game. I wasn’t sure what to make of this game when it was first announced. I know I won’t make many friends for this, but I wasn’t a huge fan of Oblivion. The game just felt really “slow” to me and I had a hard time getting into it. So I was worried I was going to feel the same with Skyrim and, for the longest time, I didn’t really care about this game. But as its release got closer, I slowly started to warm up to the feel of the game and decided to pick it up on release day. This, as it turned out, was the best descision I could have made in regards to this game.

Graphics: 9/10

A VAST improvement from Oblivion. Gone are the days of claymation-looking faces on stock bodies. Instead, NPCs actually feel like their own characters, or at least the quest based ones do anyway. I would have liked to see a bit more variation in the voice actors, but I digress. Even putting aside the improved character models, the landscape in Skyrim is beautiful. Sprawling plains, lush forests, rocky mountains, snowy tundras, this game has everything. Where Oblivion felt clunky and just made me want to get to the next town as fast as possible, Skyrim makes me want to explore. I WANT to wander the map and find every little dungeon.  The game rewards you for exploring and it helps that the world feels so alive.

I guess I only have a few real issues with the graphics and one could be considered a gameplay issue. The first is the character skins. Every character looks like their in their 50’s. Children seem to be the only characters that look young, with voice being the only determining factor for most characters. The second issue is with the mountains. Despite being able to jump up rocks in other areas of the game, mountain areas make travelling very difficult for the most part, with only one path most times. While you *can* try to jump up the mountain, you run the risk of getting stuck between rocks. Read the rest of this entry »

Anime Review: Deadman Wonderland

17 11 2011

There are a lot of dark animes out there. But Deadman Wonderland really stands out, not just for its premise, but for the fact that it can somehow make you dislike nearly all the characters. The characters in DW range from truly appalling as human beings, to just straight up annoying. In fact, there isn’t one character I found tolerable until the anime was two-thirds finished.

It’s a very rare occurrence for me to hate nearly every character introduced into an anime. It’s an even rarer occurence for me to still watch an anime after I realize that. Deadman Wonderland somehow got me to keep watching despite this. I guess once you realize what is actually going on in the anime, you want to keep watching just to see how everything will blow up when it reaches the end.  The story is interesting and you really want to keep watching to see what is going to happen. Read the rest of this entry »

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