Extra Life Stream: Left 4 Dead 2 (Part 2)

23 11 2014

Attention: Originality Needed

18 10 2010

So, we’re well into October. This month and next are the biggest release months for new console video games. Multiple big name titles are being released week after week, from the new Fallout, to Fable 3, to FPS’s like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty 7. But all of this makes one wonder, why is it we rarely see anything new done with video games anymore.

One only needs to look at the titles being released and how many of them are numbers of a series. Call of Duty: Black Ops is the 7th game in the Call of Duty series. The new Medal of Honor game is the 9th title in the series released for a console. Fable 3 is the third installment of that series, as well as Fallout: New Vegas, a glorified expansion pack to Bethseda Studios Fallout 3. There is so much of the same being released, and its not just restricted to FPS games either. RPGs such as Final Fantasy are up there in numbers as well, with Final Fantasy XIV having just been released and Dragon Quest X on its way to the Nintendo Wii.

But why is it that gamers are so against trying something new. Even some developers are willing to put a new twist on established series. The new Kirby game, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, is a prime example. For the first time since his introduction, Kirby doesn’t get to inhale his opponents and absorb their powers. While, the main platforming portion of this series hasn’t changed, Nintendo is at least trying to innovate the series and not just give audiences more of the same. Read the rest of this entry »

DSi XL: Marketing at its finest

25 02 2010

People will buy anything.

There’s really no way around this fact. In a world where someone can market bottles of water filled straight out of their tap, one just has to come to the conclusion that people love spending money. Case and point, the Nintendo DSi XL.

The DSi XL is EXACTLY the same as the current version of the DSi with one major difference: its size. The DSi is larger than ALL previous versions of the DS, including the original, bulky DS. If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t the original DS’s size one of the big complaints when the system first came out? Wasn’t that the whole reason that they made the DS Lite? To fix the size issue? So why is Nintendo now assuming consumers want a larger DS? We didn’t before, why would we now? Read the rest of this entry »

MMO Reviews

22 02 2010

Recently I’ve begun a hunt for a truly good, free MMORPG. I’ve tried quite a few in the last little while, and I felt like giving my opinion on some of them.

Name: 2Moons
Publisher: Acclaim
Score: 3/5
A good game, with beautiful graphics. Gameplay starts to get competitive after getting to the third field though. My biggest disappointment with this game is that classes have locked genders. Knight HAS to be male, wizard HAS to be female, ect.

Name: Asda Story
Publisher: GamesCampus
Score: 4/5
One of the best MMOs I’ve played so far. Nice graphics, lots of quests, lots of equipment choices make this game fun. The ability to click a spot on your map and have your character auto-walk there is a godsend. The Soulmate feature is pretty cool, allowing you to gain extra EXP with a friend. Castle of Chess is a fun edition as well, allowing parties to take on a chess themed castle for EXP and rare items.
Read the rest of this entry »

Copycat Applications

26 01 2010

So, I’ve noticed recently the string of copycat games to hit facebook recently. Gang Wars, Vampire Wars, School of Wizardry. All of these game are essentially exactly the same. You get “energy”, “energy” lets you do quests, quests get you exp, exp lvls you up, which lets you do more quests. Its like oldschool D&D only without the roleplaying and social interaction that make D&D fun. Sure you can duel people and sent them spells and such (at least spells in Vampire Wars and School of Wizardry), but it just lacks that quality that makes it feel original.

Vampire Wars at leas gives you the ability to create an avatar from scratch, and lets you buy clothes (a small amount) to customize. School of Wizardry takes the lazy way out and makes you buy preset avatars (which are nearly direct copies off Harry Potter characters).
This seems to be another instance where my +Theory comes into play. Take something that would normally be tedious and boring and add something popular (i.e. Vampires, Harry Potter) and you  have an instant hit. Doesn’t matter if you blatently rip off someone else or not. Fun.

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