An Update on Things

15 03 2014

Things are moving along, just slowly.

I’ve loaded up 5 new articles to the blog that will be posted over the next few Mondays and Wednesdays. I’ll be loading up some new “Anime Screenshot of the Week” posts to be updated over the next few Fridays as well. I plan to have enough content to last until Friday, April 4th, which is when I return from my trip and can start on some new content.

I leave on a trip to Japan on March 24th. I’ll be taking photos while I’m there and plan on a few articles when I return. I’ll also be finally moving the blog over to Dreamhost when I get back as well.

I’ve been having trouble keeping a regular schedule with updates, so I’m going to try and limit myself to three posts per week. One of these will be the weekly screenshot, the others will be articles, be it Top 5’s, Reviews, First Impressions, or lists. I would like to continue MMOverdrive as well, although that may be going to Sl33k depending on various things.

Just wanted to leave an update of where I’m at with everything as real life circumstances have pushed back a lot of my update plans.




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