Top 11 Anime OP Themes of 2013 – Part 3

9 01 2014

3 – Problem Children Are Coming From Another World – Black and White by Iori Nomizu

Problem Children is an anime that caught me completely off guard. Not only was I not expecting to like it as much as I did, I was also not expecting it to bust out with an amazing OP theme.

The song is upbeat and rock oriented, the visuals are colorful and eye-catching, and the lyrics inserted into the visuals are interesting as well. The song is what really makes this one stand out though, as it is easily one of my favorites OP to one of the best animes of 2013.


2 – The Unlimited Hyobu Kyosuke – Last Resolution by Emblem of the Unlimited

I already did a review on The Unlimited, so I’ll stay away from touch on the anime itself. Sufficed to say that I like it. It’s OP theme is no exception.

I had major flashbacks to Deadman Wonderland on this one (I seem to be referring to that anime a lot on this list). Part of this might be be the similar feel of the show, another is probably that the band decided to make two versions of the song, one in Japanese and one in English. They alternate the two each episode, and by the end of the series, the two have just blurred together.

This song is a straight up rock song. Heavy guitar, rock vocals, and abstract visuals really make this feel like a rock music video. They even add effects for certain episodes such as a monochrome filter for the flashback episodes. One thing that the visuals did that I appreciated was to shadow out certain characters until they were introduced in the show itself.

So, if the song I most closely associate with Deadman Wonderland, which had one of my all time favorite anime themes didn’t make number 1, what did?

Blood Lad - 01 -21[2]

1 – Blood Lad – ViViD by May’n

THIS SONG. I have not been able to get this song out of my head since I heard it. It has by far one of the catchiest hooks I have heard in a long time.

The video really works too. It reminded me a lot of Soul Eater in the way it was set up, but the way both the video and song flow into the hook and the action is chillingly good. I have a few minor nitpicks with the video, I’m not a huge fan of the “flash the characters names on the screen” style of OP, but the overall package turned out rather good considering.

My number one spot was a very close tie between Last Resolution and ViViD, and while Last Resolution won out for visuals, ViViD won out as a better song overall.




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