Top 11 Anime OP Themes of 2013 – Part 2

24 12 2013

Our countdown continues! Lets take a look at the next four entries on the list.

kotoura-san_05-127 – Kotoura-san – Sonna Koto Ura no Mata Urabanashi Desho? by Megumi Nakajima

This song is basically a better version of Fantastic Future. It also has a catchy hook, but the song as a whole is much more tolerable and less “bubblegum j-pop”. The visuals here are colorful and cute as well, but again, it doesn’t feel invasive to the senses like Henneko does. It also fits well with the OP video, especially the hook where parts of the background vocals line up perfectly with the animation.

 Highschool-DxD-Issei6 – Highschool DxD New – Sympathy by Larval Stage Planning

Highschool DxD, while being a series of questionable content, is one that has a pretty good track record with its music. The original OP and ED theme for the first series were also really good and this new season is no exception. Larval Stage Planning, the artist for the first series OP performs this one as well, and it has the same gothic-yet-pop feel as the season one theme. The song has a good hook and the instrumental grabs you right away as the song starts. All in all, a very good OP theme.

Date.A.Live.full.1536510 5 – Date a Live – Date A Live by Sweet Arms

I have mixed feelings about this song. On one hand, I think this song is one of the best at building up the tension to its hook and makes for a great theme for an action-y anime.

On the other hand, I have an issue with songs that throw the title of the song/anime in as lyrics. It’s very hard to do right (see Dead Man Wonderland) and very easy to get wrong (see pretty much anything else that does this). DaL does this, but thankfully it’s in the background, which makes it a little easier to overlook. This song was tied with Sympathy with how much I like it, but this one won out on the list because it really just does a better job working with its video and setting the stage for the anime as an OP theme.

Tokyo.Ravens.full.16137634 – Tokyo Ravens – X-encounter by Maon Kurosaki

One of the newer additions to this year’s anime, Tokyo Ravens has caught my attention as being similar to Blue Exorcist. It’s OP theme caught my attention for another reason.

Right away, you can tell this is performed by an I’ve singer. I’ve singers have this type of synth effect they like to put on their voices when they do “heavier” rock songs, Kotoko especially did this a lot, and its distinguishable instantly. I think I’ll start calling this the iSynth. I absolutely love the sound it gives the song, I just hate how it makes the artists virtually impossible to tell apart when they use it.

I love the video that accompanies the song as well. The monochrome, the pacing, and the framing all really flow together with the music to make a really interesting OP. And with all the forgettable OP themes in the Fall 2013 season, it’s nice to have at least one that really stands out.

Check out the 3rd and final part of my countdown this weekend. 🙂




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