Top 11 Anime OP Themes of 2013 – Part 1

21 12 2013

Well, its almost the end of the year, so I guess its time for a list or two from me. I’ve watched a lot of anime this year and felt like a list of my favorite OP themes seemed appropriate. Keep in mind that these don’t reflect my opinion on the shows themselves, just the opening song and visuals.

chronicles_of_the_going_home_club_06_JPG_650x10000_q8511 – Chronicles of the Going Home Club – 2 Gakki Debut Daisakusen!! by Otome Shinto

While not high up on my list, this opening achieved something very few openings on this list did. I watched it in it’s entirety for nearly every episode without skipping it. That in itself should be enough to make it on this list. The OP fits with all the visuals and is a very happy-go-lucky, feel good song. I always found myself bobbing my head to the song. I think the thing that really made this one stand out to me though, was how well the pre-opening scenes transition into this opening. It’s done so well and just feels natural. Not very many animes can create a flow like this one did. And thus, while not the best song on the list, I have to give it a spot.

Gallery1710 – Heneko – Fantastic Future by Yukari Tamura

In all honesty, this song should not be on this list. Its sickeningly bubblegum pop and very “cutesy”, two things that normal make me hit the skip button almost immediately. But GOD DAMN this song has a stupidly catchy hook. And it starts with that hook immediately, keeping you from instantly skipping the OP. The visuals are colorful and cute as well, which fits with the upbeat song, but its that hook that secures this song a spot on this list.

attack-on-titan9 – Attack on Titan – Guren no Yumia by Linked Horizon

I know I’m gonna get hate for this. I liked Attack on Titan. But I’m the first person to agree that the show is incredibly overrated. I am constantly in awe at how much attention this show gets. Its well done, but nowhere near good enough to warrant it becoming the cultural phenomenon it has.

This song, on the other hand, does what its meant to. It conveys the epic struggle between the humans and titans and gets you hyped up for the ensuing combat. I found the song took a few listens to grow on me, but once it did, it stuck with me.

vvv8 – Valverave the Liberator – Preserved Roses by TM Revolution and Nana Mizuki

Anyone who has been watching anime for a while or knows anything about J-Pop will know the names TM Revolution and Nana Mizuki. Mizuki has contributed numerous songs to anime including classic Slayers openings like Give a Reason. TM Revolution has contributed themes to shows like Bleach, Soul Eater, and Gundam among others. Having these two collaborate is a big deal.

The song itself is great. Powerful vocals, technopop beat reminiscent of old school Gundam music and an upbeat sound all work together to make this a great piece.




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