Blog Overhaul: Coming Soon

6 11 2013

I know its been a while since I’ve made a post here. Most of my gaming related updates have been going to Sl33k Studios.

The main thing I want to touch on with this post is the upcoming update of the blog and streamlining of the posts and information.  First of all, the blog will be moving to a new host. I’ll still be using WordPress, but I’ll be using it on my own hosting as opposed to hosted on the wordpress site. Their addition of random ads was the nail in the coffin for that decision. With this will come a new domain name, while I will make a post here redirecting it once the move is complete.

The second portion will be streamlining the sites content. All pages will be updated, unrelated posts will be deleted and tags and categories will be streamlined to help with searching.

Finally, while the layout will remain the same, some of the blog graphics may be getting an update. I’m hoping to have all this done soon, so keep an eye out for gradual updates.




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