Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited Review

4 07 2013

Zettai_Karen_Children_The_Unlimited_03_JPG_650x10000_q85(CAUTION: This Review contains minor spoilers. Nothing major, but if you hate any spoilers, you’ll want to skip this one.)

Easily one of my favorite series airing last season, The Unlimited managed to draw my attention from the first episode and keep me interested throughout the whole series. In fact, I went into this series blind, knowing nothing at all about it, and after watching the first couple episodes and learning it was a spin off of Psychic Squad (Zettai Karen Children), I went back and watched the entire 52 episode first series. That isn’t something a series can get me to do easily, but the characters of The Unlimited have this air of mystery about them that just draws you in.

For those of you who, like me, know nothing of this series, Zettai Karen Children takes place in an alternate version of our world, where people with psychic powers exist and have been involved with goverment, military, and even shaped the conflict of past wars. The main characters of the original series, 3 girls known as “The Children” work for the japanese government organization know as BABEL as basically a special OPS team. Throughout the series, they conflict with Hyobu Kyosuke, a psychic who has been alive since World War II, who believes that human will never accept espers and creates a terrorist organization known as PANDRA to rebel against BABEL and the government.

The Unlimited is about that guy. You’re interested now, aren’t you?

One of the biggest things this series does, if you have watched the original series, is to convey just how powerful the main character, Hyobu Kyosuke, is. In the original series, he can be seen almost as a comic relief villain. Sure, he has episodes that show he’s stronger than most Espers, but overall, he tends to lose rather comically. Kaoru tends to beat him up quite a bit actually. The Unlimited completely turns everything on his head by revealing that Hyobu is basically a psychic super saiyan.

PS-Zettai-Karen-Children-THE-UNLIMITED-Hyoubu-Kyousuke-01-720p.mkv_snapshot_19.14_2013.01.08_14.42.12-1024x576I’m not even joking.

He can rip apart entire miliary bases, explode powerful espers with his mind, even resist powerful EMP suppression waves in a prison specifically designed to contain espers. All of this comes down to one realization by the time you finish episode 4.

Hyobu was screwing with everyone throughout the entire first series.

In fact, there’s even a scene where he releases his full power and completely overwhelms all 3 of the Children. This is a guy who was comically defeated by them episode after episode in series one and they’ve become even stronger since then. But he turns off his limiter and they don’t even stand a chance. Sometime in the time jump between series Hyobu decided to shed his comedic person and became a complete badass. This in itself is enough to make the series interesting.HorribleSubs-Zettai-Karen-Children-THE-UNLIMITED-Hyoubu-Kyousuke-04-720p.mkv_snapshot_19.35_2013.01.29_23.11.55

But now enter in Andy, a brawler with obvious military training who Hyobu meets in prision. Oh, and he has the ability to negate other espers powers. Index anyone?

Overall, I would definitely reccomend this series even to people who haven’t seen the original. Episode 2 does a good job catching you up with the basic premise, even if you haven’t seen the original series. Although, if you have time, you definitely will get more out of The Unlimited by watching its prequel series first.




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