Let’s Play: Final Fantasy 4 (Part 3)

11 03 2013

Final Fantasy IV Advance_01

Yes, I know, this has taken forever. I’ve been pretty busy the last couple weeks, so this took me longer than it should. I’ll try to get back on schedule now. When we last left our heroes, they were headed to the Antlion’s lair to find the Sand Ruby and save Rosa.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_01
So after riding our awesome new hovercraft to the cave, we’re ready to kick some Antlion ass.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_02
And apparently the cave is filled with enemies that look like Ice Cream.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_06
As usual, Edward is wrong.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_09
And hungry for the flesh of humans apparently.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_11
Our heroes rush back to Rosa and use the Sand Ruby to cure her. MAGIC LIGHT CURES ALL!

Final Fantasy IV Advance_16
Rosa joins the group. Later that night, Edward decides to have a jam session down by the lake.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_17
Eloquent as always, I see.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_18
Edward, have you thought that if even the random fish people in the lake try to kill you for playing your lute that maybe you just suck at it? Oh, and he sees Anna’s ghost.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_19
Poor Edward. He has to watch her leave twice now.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_21
So the next morning, we’re off to the mountains. Rosa tries to teach Rydia to use fire magic to melt this random chunk of ice blocking the way.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_22
Yeah, having your whole village explode will do that to you.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_23
When you BLEW UP her village with a BOMB? Cecil, you’re kind of a dick.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_24
Regardless, Rydia finally is able to cast Fire and melt the ice. And thus becomes the only party member able to do anything about all the zombies on this mountain. Seriously, did anyone think that maybe the ice was there to keep the zombies from devouring people on the mainland?

This is where we leave our heroes for now. I may come back to FF4 later on, but for now, we’re moving forward to FF5.




One response

14 03 2013

I have to say that is a very interesting why to do a Lets’s Play, didn’t think of it like that.

Keep it up 🙂

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