Lets Play: Sailor Moon RPG (Part 1)

23 02 2013

Sailormoon RPG_00001b

Not even sure why I started playing this. But I guess its an interesting break to the FF games. I’m going to try and get a part of this up each weekend if I can.

Sailormoon RPG_00020b
Yeah, I hate it when my talking cat wakes me up early on a weekend too.

Sailormoon RPG_00000b
No Usagi. Cat is not food.

Sailormoon RPG_00001
Thanks for that Luna. Very descriptive.

Sailormoon RPG_00003
I’m assuming that’s the cat-shaped Bombchu thing on the side of the room.

Sailormoon RPG_00004
The city is really boring actually.

Sailormoon RPG_00005
Mischief is afoot in the Jewelry Store!

Sailormoon RPG_00007
Try saying that five times fast.

Sailormoon RPG_00009
Yay, we killed the evil monster thing.

Sailormoon RPG_00010
And now we’re following this guy. Thank you for that jarring transition game.

Sailormoon RPG_00011
Evil Destiny? Seriously, how do you know the comet and star are evil?

Sailormoon RPG_00012
Its an OCD comet.

Sailormoon RPG_00013
Seeing as you just woke up in your bed, yes.

Sailormoon RPG_00014
The red pill or the blue pill?

Sailormoon RPG_00015
And roll out!

Sailormoon RPG_00017
It seem we’ve completely forgotten about the monsters attacking the city and have decided their social lives are more important.

Sailormoon RPG_00018
They all decide to go stalk Amy on her date with her boyfriend. Aren’t they all great friends?

Sailormoon RPG_00020
They really suck at this.

Sailormoon RPG_00021
Yeah, there seems to be a lot of that going around in this game.

Sailormoon RPG_00023
I wonder who…

Sailormoon RPG_00024
Yes. We totally are here to help and not to stalk you or anything.

Sailormoon RPG_00025
Fighting a fat spaceman inside a train with martial arts schoolgirls. This is strange even by J-RPG standards.

Sailormoon RPG_00026
The Monster had trapped Amy’s boyfriend. I cannot contain my surprise.

Sailormoon RPG_00027
Yes. Replaced with an old sofa.

Sailormoon RPG_00028
Because that’s not confusing at all.

Sailormoon RPG_00029
Yeah, usually summoning demons in a pit of fire doesn’t end well.

I’ll leave it at that for this week. I literally have no idea where this game is going or what’s even going on right now. Hopefully next week makes more sense.




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