Lets Play: Final Fantasy 4 (Part 2)

21 02 2013

Final Fantasy IV Advance_01

When we last left Cecil, he had been separated from Kain but had awakened near the fallen summoner. He hurries to town.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_02
Cecil hurries to town and looks for the Inn.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_03
Thankfully the Innkeeper isn’t a heartless monster and offers them a bed. Unfortunately, during the night, they are attacked by soldiers from Baron.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_05
How about no?

Final Fantasy IV Advance_08
Cecil’s display of soldier-killing awesome earns the girl’s trust and she joins his party.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_11
Unfortunately for Cecil, he learns in the morning that Rosa has followed him only to be infected by a desert fever.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_12
I smell a quest.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_14
It’s Tellah! He’s a mage travelling to Damcyan to find his daughter, Anna.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_23
Thanks Tellah, never could have figured that out. Ya know, being surrounded and all.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_26
I think this might be Ultros’ second cousin.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_27
And as we appoach Damcyan, the Red Wings proceed to bomb the shit out of it. Baron loves its explosives.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_28
Tellah find Anna gravely injured and naturally attacks the Bard she eloped with.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_29
You forking minstrel!

Final Fantasy IV Advance_30
Anna interupts the fight to inform Tellah that Edward is the Prince. Girl has standards at least.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_31
Didn’t take them long to replace Cecil.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_33

Final Fantasy IV Advance_35
Take this!

Final Fantasy IV Advance_37
Even the little girl thinks Edward is a wimp. This does not bode well for our party.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_41
ANTLION cave. Sounds good and safe.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_42
Thank you Edward. We all needed to know that.

Final Fantasy IV Advance_43
Because its not a Final Fantasy game, without a hovercraft!

Final Fantasy IV Advance_44
Edward says a final farewell to Anna before the party sets off for the ANTLION cave.

Next time, the thrilling conclusion to our three part lets play! Be very, very quiet. We’re hunting ANTLIONS.





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