Lets Play: Final Fantasy III

9 02 2013

Final Fantasy III_01

It’s time for a new adventure. This time in 3D! This time we’re tackling the next game in the FF series, number 3.

Final Fantasy III_02
We start with our hero having fallen down a hole into a cavern of some kind. From his thoughts we can assume he does this often.

Final Fantasy III_03
Now you may have been asking yourself, “who is this wayward youth whom our fates are now bound to”? Our hero everyone, Mango!

Final Fantasy III_04
Immediately after being introduced, Mango is attacked by goblins no doubt wanting to crack open his head and feast on the juices inside.

Final Fantasy III_05
No, really? What gave you that idea?

Final Fantasy III_06
I found a chest with a shield in it. Apparently I can equip it as my weapon. The point of this eludes me.

Final Fantasy III_07
Like blue! And green!

Final Fantasy III_08
So I barely touched this rock and the wall came crashing down…works for me.

Final Fantasy III_09
So immediately after entering the next room, Mango is attack by some floating energy that is apparently an evil monster.

Final Fantasy III_10
You look familiar. Didn’t I JUST fight you in the last FF game? Time to once again kill it with icy death.

Final Fantasy III_11
Oh, hi floating words. I didn’t even notice you up there.

Final Fantasy III_12
And so I have a quest. As ordered by the giant, floating, talking crystal. Seems legit.

Final Fantasy III_13
Apparently, “go find other party members” confuses poor Mango.

Final Fantasy III_14
Traveling into the nearby town, we encounter Mango’s friend being harassed by a group of clones.

Final Fantasy III_15
Papaya, Mango’s childhood friend.

Final Fantasy III_16
Luckily, Mango’s manliness scares the clones off. Unfortunately, it scares Papaya off too.

Final Fantasy III_17Angry Papaya is off to prove he isn’t a coward and probably need saving in about 5 minutes.

Final Fantasy III_18
But before we go off after Papaya, we have the more important task of robbing the town blind. So nice of them to leave all these chests in once place for me to steal.

Unfortunately, I encountered a game breaking bug shortly after this that would have required me to start the game over. Not really caring to do so, I’m going to just call this a game and move on to the next game.




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