Let’s Play: Final Fantasy I

29 01 2013

Yeah, these aren’t going to be full play throughs, just me playing until I get bored. Hopefully my commentary is entertaining. XD

Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls_02

So I decided to give this game a try. I fear good things will not follow.

See, what did I tell you.

So I start out by meeting the King, who decides that my party is the chosen ones because we wandered into the castle carrying crystals.

Are crystals really rare in this world or something? There aren’t mines for these things?

I’m recruited to go save the princess from the kingdom’s best swordsman, Garland.

Really? Four random, level 1 adventurers with no weapons or equipment are going to have a better chance defeating the kingdoms best swordsman than the castle guards?

So I guess I should level before I go fight-

Oh look, a unicorn! Lets kill it!

Moving on, I make it to Garland who taunts me in the most eloquent way possible:

Seriously, why is everyone scared of this guy again?

Ok, so either the castle guards really suck or this guy faked his resume or something.

Rescue the princess, get a Lute. Seems legit. Oh, and the King built a bridge for me. Wonder if I get to name it?

No really? I’d never have guessed.

Shortly after this, I got lost and the sheer number of encounters in the GBA version led me to move on to a different game. What can I say, I tried.




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