Dark Matter: A Reboot

9 08 2012

There comes a point in time with any project where you need to step back and reassess your goals. What is your endgame?, how are you getting there?, ect. And in some cases, this can take you in a very different direction than you originally started in.

Some people reading this will know what Dark Matter is. Back in 2003, I started a small forum that would evolve into my brainchild, a website dedicated to indie game design. Over the years the site went through many redesigns, five in total, and I gained many coworkers in this project; Kaede, Ace, Todd, and Xion. But slowly, the site was slipping away from its original focus. We wanted to talk about games and media rather than make games, and our forums had become a vast archive of ideas and creativity. But the problem is when you no longer have an interest in what you’re supposed to be working on, the whole thing kind of falls apart. And so DM fell into limbo.

Recently, the Admins of DM decided it was not only time to redesign the site, but to redetermine our focus. We are writers, creators, and critics. And so a new direction was decided for DM, a reboot of its core focus. And with this comes not only a new focus, but a new name. While we as a group will still go by Dark Matter Group as a collective for our projects, the mainsite will be known as Uberproof going forward. This rebranding is a way for us to start fresh.

It’s been a long trip for sure since the beginning of Dark Matter, but we hope our new site, when finished, will be something that will really entertain and be a tool for those looking for honest reviews and information on video games, movies, and anime.

To those of you who have been apart of the various incarnations of DM over the years, both staff and users, thank you. We could not have reached this point without you, and its you who have kept me working on the project over the last 10 years.

(The Uberproof forums are currently up and running at: http://dmatter.org/forums)




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