Diablo 3 CE Unboxing

15 05 2012

Well, the servers are down for another couple hours, so I might as well post my unboxing of the Diablo 3: Collector’s Edition.

The Collector’s Edition was a lot bigger than I was expecting, and this was mostly because of the artbook. I was impressed at the quality of the stuff they included.



I was really impressed with this more-so than anything that came in the CE. The artbook is huge and full hardcover. The pages are in full color and have beautifully detailed art and renders. Easily my favorite item in the CE.


Making of: DVD / Game DVD

The CE came with a behind the scenes DVD of the making of D3. I haven’t watched it yet, making of DVDs are usually my least favorite things in these packs. And of course the CE comes with the game itself (plus some extra in game content available in game).


Game Soundtrack

The art on the soundtrack cover looks pretty awesome. I haven’t listened yet, because I want to play the game first and get the ambience of the music before I listen to it on the OST.

4GB USB Soul Stone and Skull Holder (w/ D2 & LOD)

Ok, this was just plain cool. A 4GB USB drive shaped like the soul stone from the game with a Diablo skull holder. Plus the USB comes with full versions of Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction. I thought this was pretty awesome.

The rest of the stuff in the box were some bonus content, guest passes, ect. The in game wings, dyes, avatars, ect. are put directly into your account when you register the game on battle.net. Less codes I guess.




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