The End of Youtube?

16 11 2011

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“Right now, the US Congress is debating a law that would give them the power to censor the world’s Internet — creating a blacklist that could target YouTube, WikiLeaks and even groups like Avaaz!

Under the new law, the US could force Internet providers to block any website on suspicion of violating copyright or trademark legislation, or even failing to sufficiently police their users’ activities. And, because so much of the Internet’s hosts and hardware are located in the US, their blacklist would clamp down on the free web for all of us.”

So yeah, someone thought it was a good idea to let the US decide how the rest of the internet should work. Isn’t it good to know corporations still have so much control over our society? Please vote against this. Censorship in any form should not exist.




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17 11 2011
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[…] seeing it happen now with all the recent laws that are being proposed in both the US and Canada ( and I can’t see it slowing down anywhere in the […]

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