Anime Review: Blue Exorcist

3 11 2011

So, due to my inablility to play a game every week far enough to make a review, I’m going to start reviewing various anime as well. First up on the list is one I just finished recently: Blue Exorcist. Known also as Ao no Exorcist, the anime tells the story of Rin Okumura, an apprentice exorcist who is secretly the son of Satan. Rebelling against his heritage, Rin must keep his demonic powers hidden from his friends while learning to be an exorcist.

The anime reminds me a lot of both Soul Eater and Helsing. You have a group of characters working together in a school setting, as with Soul Eater, but the anime has the dark, supernatural feel of Helsing. It’s an interesting combination to be sure, but it really works to the anime’s benefit. Characters are developed well, with Rin and his brother Yukio getting most of the development, but also allowing some of the secondary characters their own episodes as well.

The whole religion-in-anime theme has been beaten into the ground by now, yet somehow Blue Exorcist finds a way to make it feel new and interesting. I guess some of it would be the twist they put on the powers the exorcists can have, separating them into a class-like system that feels straight out of a video game. They have exorcists specializing in sword fighting, gun fighting, summoning, necromancy, ect. Some of these things seem like they’d be the exact opposite of exorcism, but okay.

I think the only thing that really bothered me about this anime was the ending. I’ll try not to spoil, but it really leaves off at a cliffhanger. I’m hoping they plan to make a second season to this anime as otherwise, the ending really falls flat for me. Regardless, this is definitely an anime I’d reccomend for fans of shonen and supernatural animes.

Final Rating: 7/10




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3 11 2011
Megan M

I have to say honestly, I think I stopped watching at around ep 22? It really pissed me off. At first I was okay with it, there weren’t any major changes. I figured they would make the anime up until X point in the manga and then leave off. It was a GREAT anime, they stayed true to the characters even in that random spin-off episode, and I loved it! I would even love more of those spin-off episodes! It was just perfect….until the end. Why do they always do that? They could have just gone up until that one point in the manga and left it there. That was all they needed to do. It would have been fine. but instead it sucked.
So, my recommendation to you: Buy and read the manga. It rocks.

14 10 2012
Len Ursua

Reblogged this on Dont hide yourself, youre beautiful just the way you are 🙂 and commented:
I just finished this anime called Ao no Exorcist or Blue Exorcist. Everything i have to say is actually in this re blogged review of the anime.
The ending was really a cliffhanger, and i really wanted to see more. i also hope there’s a second season coming for this anime.
I haven’t had the chance to watch helsing though. so this is the first anime that really gave me the creeps when i saw the demons. saying that im a scaredy-cat. when it comes to these creatures.
But thinking that its only an anime, its quite cool.
Im excited to see its upcoming movie, the battle between exorcists and demons continues.

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