First Impressions: Perfect World International

9 08 2011

So I’ve been playing the MMORPG Perfect World for a couple weeks now, so I figured its about time for me to weigh in with my thoughts.

Graphics: 10/10

When it comes to MMO’s, I tend not to rate graphics lightly, but PW has everything you could ever want it terms of graphics. The 3D is beautiful and character and landscape models are detailed and vibrant. The amount you can customize characters in this game is amazing as you get a full character creator right from the start where you can edit head size, shape, hair and eye style and color, and even height and weight.

Gameplay: 7/10

The gameplay is standard MMORPG fare with some small tweaks. There are a number of customizable races for you to choose from with each race having access to two of the playable classes. Each race starts in a different home town, which can get annoying when you’re expecting to play with friends right away, but its pretty easy to level if you follow the game’s quest system. Quests are standard, usually fetch quests.

All equipment except helmets change what your character looks like, which is cool. I love the fact that I can customize what my character looks like so much. Characters in the game can gain the ability to fly as well, which is not as broken as one might think and really helps to alleviate the burden of walking or teleporting everywhere. The Winged Elf race can fly from creation while other races will have to wait until LV15 before they can taste flight.

There is PvP in the game and even a worldwide conquest where areas can be claimed by guilds via a war system. Guilds exist as well and the party system is set up for party creation on the go.

Music: 2/10

The most bland MMO music I’ve ever heard. The only good thing I can say about it is at least it isn’t Ke$ha.

Story: -/10

Its an MMO. There really isn’t a story.

Overall: 7/10

I really like this MMO. Whether its the ridiculous amount of customization, the beautiful graphics or just the overall feel, this is a game I would reccomend for anyone looking for a good MMO to kill some time on.




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