First Impressions: Rusty Hearts

28 07 2011

Anybody heard of Perfect World Entertainment? Me either. But recently a friend of mine sent me a beta key for the closed beta of their new MMORPG, Rusty Hearts. After watching a few videos of the gameplay, I was intriqued, so I decided to give it a try.

Graphics: 5/10
Very anime-ish. The game looks like it uses cell shaded graphics to create its characters and world, which is something you don’t see a lot in games and gives it a very animated feel. I just didn’t feel like the graphics did much for me. They weren’t stunning, but at least they weren’t horrible.

Gameplay: 6/10
The game is an interesting cross between multiple game genres and really doesn’t feel much like an MMO. Navigating through towns works much like most MMOs, only instead of clicking your mouse, you use the arrow keys (or a controller as this game supports PC controllers). The game plays a lot like action games such as Devil May Cry, only with MMO elements thrown in.

The battle system is cool with buttons being assigned to jump, attack and special skills. This is where the game really feels like a multiplayer version of DMC and, if it wasn’t for the massive amount of level grinding the game forces you to do, would have made for an excellent experience.

The one point of this game I am sorely disappointed with and that is keeping me from giving it a higher score is the complete lack of customization. The is NO base customization at character creation and only 3 preset characters to choose from. Each of these character can only use TWO different weapon types which, for an MMO, is ridiculously low. The choices for your characters are basically non-existant. Apparently there is a crafting system in the game that you can use to make some costume items for your character, but it requires so many items, it really doesn’t seem worth the time and effort. Besides, taking out base customization to make players grind more is just plain stupid.

Music: 5/10
Does its thing and sets the mood, but that’s pretty much it.

Story: 2/10
“Oh hi.” “Go do this quest.” “ok.” *repeat*

This is the story from what I have seen so far.

Overall: 6.5/10
This IS a fun game to play, especially with other people. But for a long term MMO experience, its really lacking in a lot of major areas. It is a beta though, so lets hope a lot of these complaints are improved upon for the final release.




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