Ink Blots #4: Final Crisis

25 10 2010

CAUTION: This review contains spoilers.

Comic class is actually getting me to read again. First Blackest Night, and now Final Crisis. Yeah, remember Batman: Battle for the Cowl from Ink Blots 1? Well, Final Crisis is the comic that leads into that event.

Deaths and Revivals are abundant in Final Crisis. If you’ve only seen the DC movies or TV shows featuring Darkseid as the villain, you don’t really know what he can do. In the comics, he’s basically a god. He can mind control pretty much anyone he wants using his Anti-life equation and can pretty much explode people just by looking at them. Pretty crazy.

Darkseid’s two biggest victories in this comic are the deaths of Martian Manhunter and Batman. Two major characters in the Justice League of America, the deaths of these two characters are quite unexpected (or at least they were to me). Both of these have now been dealt with in current DC continuity, with Martian Manhunter being revived by the White Lantern light in Blackest Night, and Bruce Wayne having been revealed to have been sent back in time. We also get the revival of the original Flash as well, an interested plot point that becomes very important later in the Blackest Night saga.

The comic itself is well plotted, with a specific focus on Darkseid and the Green Lantern Corps. and just how powerful Darkseid has become now that he has the Anti-life equation. My only complaint  is that it ends with a deus ex machina. A god-killing bullet? Seems kind of anti-climactic to me. And I still don’t understand the whole Robot Superman issue. I was really disappointed with the death of Libra though, he was a pretty badass villain.

Overall, a good read, with well drawn art. I’d defiantly recommend this major event in DC history to anyone who’s a fan of DC, Green Lantern or even just the JLA.




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