Ink Blots #3

27 09 2010

Two posts in two weeks…amazing, huh? Seems like it after this summer of one or two posts a month.

So I finished off Blackest Night this week. And after a few reservations since it had been starting slow, I have only one word to describe its conclusion. Amazing. Blackest Night really developed on the core of the Emotional Spectrum Corps. and brought in a brand new entity into the mix, The White Lantern Corps. Not only was this an awesome concept that just looks plain cool but it leads into DC’s next big publication, Brightest Day.

I’ve read a few issues of Brightest Day, mainly the JLA/JSA side story involving Jade. I’m impressed so far. Bringing in Kingdom Come tie-ins to this series is something I found really interesting and we’re slowing learning the reasons that the White Lantern Rings brought a select group of heroes back to life. I’ve got a while to wait before a hardcover collection, but I’m really looking forward to reading more about this series.




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