Ink Blots #1

5 05 2010

So, now that I’m done classes for the summer, I have some free time on my hands. I’d been thinking of what I could do for a while when the answer hit me last night. I have been following comic book reviewer Linkara’s series Atop the Fourth Wall for quite a while now. I’ve really taken an interest to some of the stories in the DC universe, paticularly those relating to The Teen Titans and Green Lantern Corps.

Well, during my trip to New York City in December, I picked up a hardcover collection of the issues of Battle for the Cowl, a series where Bruce Wayne has died and all the former Robins are trying to decide who will succeed him as Batman. I just finished issue 1 and I’m really interested thus far. Not to mention the series has Jason Todd as the most kick-ass version of Batman ever.
I mean seriously, you try and tell me that that isn’t the most hardcore Batman you’ve ever seen. Jason Todd is awesome.

So I’m going to try for one comic series or mini-series a month now for the next few months at least and see how that works out. I’ve already got a few picked out until the end of August:

May – Battle for the Cowl
June – Titans East One Shot / Titans: Old Friends
July – Blackest Night #0-8
August – JLA/Titans Crossover

I’ve found most of these either at the Indigo near my house or online (excluding BFtC which is from a Borders in NYC). Hoping to post my thoughts after I finish each series. Especially looking forward to Blackest Night. Screw Marvel Zombies, DC gave a whole years worth of issues to the zombie theme. Zombies fighting Green Lantern. How can you go wrong with that?




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