DSi XL: Marketing at its finest

25 02 2010

People will buy anything.

There’s really no way around this fact. In a world where someone can market bottles of water filled straight out of their tap, one just has to come to the conclusion that people love spending money. Case and point, the Nintendo DSi XL.

The DSi XL is EXACTLY the same as the current version of the DSi with one major difference: its size. The DSi is larger than ALL previous versions of the DS, including the original, bulky DS. If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t the original DS’s size one of the big complaints when the system first came out? Wasn’t that the whole reason that they made the DS Lite? To fix the size issue? So why is Nintendo now assuming consumers want a larger DS? We didn’t before, why would we now?

I mean, even if they had added something the previous DSi didn’t have (like giving us back the damn GBA cartridge port!) it wouldn’t be a complete waste. But no, they made NO changes to the system other than the size. They are expecting customers to pay $20 more (MSRP $180) for a bulkier system. And what’s sad is that it will sell.

Nintendo has realized what other gaming companies are just starting to; it doesn’t matter what quality you give the consumer, as long as it has an established brand name (such as Nintendo), it will sell.




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