MMO Reviews

22 02 2010

Recently I’ve begun a hunt for a truly good, free MMORPG. I’ve tried quite a few in the last little while, and I felt like giving my opinion on some of them.

Name: 2Moons
Publisher: Acclaim
Score: 3/5
A good game, with beautiful graphics. Gameplay starts to get competitive after getting to the third field though. My biggest disappointment with this game is that classes have locked genders. Knight HAS to be male, wizard HAS to be female, ect.

Name: Asda Story
Publisher: GamesCampus
Score: 4/5
One of the best MMOs I’ve played so far. Nice graphics, lots of quests, lots of equipment choices make this game fun. The ability to click a spot on your map and have your character auto-walk there is a godsend. The Soulmate feature is pretty cool, allowing you to gain extra EXP with a friend. Castle of Chess is a fun edition as well, allowing parties to take on a chess themed castle for EXP and rare items.

Name: Bright Shadow
Publisher: GamePot USA
Score: 2/5
I can sum this game up in 1 word: Boring. The maps are large and seemingly unpopulated. Battle system is rather clunky. Travel is tedious and the camera controls are horrible. Fetch quests are common place, requiring you to spend most of your time playing running back and forth between town and a quest area. EXP gain is painfully slow. I’d avoid this one if you have the choice.

(More games to come…)




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