Copycat Applications

26 01 2010

So, I’ve noticed recently the string of copycat games to hit facebook recently. Gang Wars, Vampire Wars, School of Wizardry. All of these game are essentially exactly the same. You get “energy”, “energy” lets you do quests, quests get you exp, exp lvls you up, which lets you do more quests. Its like oldschool D&D only without the roleplaying and social interaction that make D&D fun. Sure you can duel people and sent them spells and such (at least spells in Vampire Wars and School of Wizardry), but it just lacks that quality that makes it feel original.

Vampire Wars at leas gives you the ability to create an avatar from scratch, and lets you buy clothes (a small amount) to customize. School of Wizardry takes the lazy way out and makes you buy preset avatars (which are nearly direct copies off Harry Potter characters).
This seems to be another instance where my +Theory comes into play. Take something that would normally be tedious and boring and add something popular (i.e. Vampires, Harry Potter) and you  have an instant hit. Doesn’t matter if you blatently rip off someone else or not. Fun.




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