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7 12 2009

In the last month or so, I’ve been hearing a lot about copyright issues. Torrent sites like mininova are being shut down, American music companies are cracking down on downloaders. But what happens if we stop to ask, why are people downloading so much?

I’ve heard reasoning like “People download because it’s easy”. For some people, that’s probably true, but do the entertainment companies take a look at the prices of their products?

On average, a new DVD on release (not including special promotions) is about $24.99 CDN. A blu-ray is even more at about $29.99 CDN. Video games START at $49.99 and can go up to $69.99. Music CDs are usually around $19.99. And anime? Probably the worst of the bunch. A single VOLUME of an anime at HMV (that’s 5 episodes per volume) is around $31.99. Yeah, almost $35 for 5 episodes. Full seasons/series of anime can cost anywhere from $60-$120. Expensive huh?

The companies tell us they have to raise their prices because they lose so much from downloading. Think about it. People are downloading more because prices are so high and prices are so high because people are downloading more. Am I the only one who sees a problem here?




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3 08 2010

Get the facts.

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