From Dusk till Breaking Dawn

23 11 2009

So, I’m sure by now most of you have heard of the craze sweeping North America, specifically, teenage girls. Yes, I’m talking about the Twilight series. With the release of the second movie in the series, I thought it a good time to finally touch on this issue.

Yes, I have issues with this series. But surprisingly, my issues are less about the series itself and more with its fanbase. MY GOD. I never thought I would see a fanbase that would rival FF7’s fanbase for sheer fangirl/fanboyism, but you people didn’t just rival them, you beat them over the head with a cinderblock. Obsession is the word that comes to mind, and even that doesn’t seem to cover the actions of Twilight fangirls.

I think the more disturbing aspect of it is not their borderline psychotic defense of the series, but more so the fact that this circle of fangirls seem to think of the Edward character as a real person. In fact, I read an article in the newspaper the other day about the movie’s opening. A 10 year old girl stated that she “loved Edward, loved his eyes, his hair, everything about him”. HE’S A CHARACTER IN A BOOK! HE’S NOT F****** REAL! Twilight is setting young girls up for disappointment. Not only are they holding men up to the standard of a guy who isn’t real, but in the series he isn’t human either. So men are being held up to a fantasical, inhuman standard of perfection. Older readers should obviously know the difference, but for the younger readers, am I the only person who thinks this may cause relationship issues in their futures?

Another thing that really bothers me about this series is the fact that Meyer completely disregards centuries of vampire mythos in her writing. Vampires are basically shown to be gods. The have all of the strengths of usual vampires (super strength, speed, immortality), but none of their weaknesses (sunlight, garlic, crosses, stakes). I think the worst of these is the sunlight one. Not only do vampires NOT burn in sunlight, but Meyer implies that when exposed to sunlight, they sparkle like gems. Makes sense right? Girls like diamonds, girls like vampires. So what’s the obvious conclusion here? Vampires who sparkle like diamonds. If you just facepalmed right there, you aren’t alone.

The strangest part of this is that we’re supposed to go with the assumption that everyone in the world of these books knows the messed up mythos the book has rewritten. I mean, when you think of a vampire, do you think coffins and stakes or sparkly? I tend to think the former. Yet in New Moon, we’re expected to believe if Edward walks out in the middle of the street during the day, everyone is immediately going to think “vampire” and their secret would be exposed. Vampire would not be the logical conclusion people would come to.

I could keep going on this series, but then this would become a novel itself.




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