Game Over

4 11 2009

Sometimes you see something presented by so-called “experts” and you have to wonder about these people’s credentials. Such is the case with the documentary “Game Over”, an analysis on violence and gender representation.

Many of the “experts” in this video suggest that video games promote violence in children, but none as much as one David Grossman. An ex-member of the US Military, Grossman equates FPS games to putting a gun in the hands of a child. He refers to these as “murder simulators”. He states that because the marines use Doom as a training simulator, it is also teaching children to use weapons and murder as well.

…Except its not.

Really, do you think anyone would automatically know how to use a gun from playing Doom? Last time I checked, a computer mouse and a gun were very, very different. I’m pretty sure a mouse doesn’t have recoil every time you hit a button. Can you imagine if it did? I’m pretty sure 90% of North Americans would have whiplash. One has to take into account the mindset going into the game too. When the marines use this for training, they are playing with the mindset that THIS IS TRAINING, THIS IS TEACHING ME SURVIVAL ON THE FIELD. Children go into it knowing its a game and just wanted to have some fun. I mean, think about it, do you finish playing Call of Duty or Doom and think “Damn, I can’t wait to go out and shoot someone now”. No, you don’t. If you do, go check yourself into a mental institution now, because you have mental issues.

I don’t know what it is about the scientific and goverment communities that seem to think we all have a killer inside of us waiting to break out.




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