Observations of a Decaying State of Mind

29 09 2009

insanityAre you scared yet?

Welcome to the 21st century, a place where thought and ingenuity are rewarded…as long as they come from someone else’s head. A place where the only thoughts you’re meant to have are the ones on a billboard. Marching to the beat of your own drum is hard, there’s always someone else who hears the same beat and in the end, we’re all just a product of someone else’s great idea.

Sure, you’re a copy, but so am I. We all just hope before we die, we can look back on our lives without thinking “heh, what a waste of time that was”. Infamy is like a drug. You plaster yourself to the TV, watching everything on the silver screen all the while thinking “Why can’t that be me?”. We want what we cannot have, feel entitled to what we don’t earn and feel the need to complain the whole way there. Pointing as many fingers as we can to not have to face the truth. Welcome to the 21st century.

Are you scared yet?

Just something I wrote during my break at work last night in regards to media. Thought I’d share.




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